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Please call us at the above number during office hours or 0800 368 0300 outside office hours
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Frequently Asked Questions
1 Is there any way to know whether my booking is confirmed? Is it necessary to reconfirm my flight?
  Ans. Once your booking process is complete, which takes place after you submit your credit card details and press the confirm key, you will come across a booking request confirmation page on the very website of Fast and Easy Travel. Following this, we shall be sending you a confirmation email soon. You will now have the details and fares of our booking along with your order number through our confirmation page and email. You are requested to mention this order number when you contact us for knowing about your booking. In case, you do not come across the confirmation page or the email, your booking may not have been confirmed, in which case you are required to contact us immediately.
2 How do I book an e-ticket?
  Ans. All tickets are electronic and srored in the relevant Airline's computer system. With your e-ticket you can straightway proceed to the check-in-desk with a valid passport and a copy of the email confirmation of your itinerary . On completion of these steps you will recive your boarding pass.
3 How can I cancel my Ticket / Flight?
  Ans. In order to cancel your ticket, please phone customer service followed by an e-mail.
Many tickets are non refundable and will incur a penalty and will be advised accordingly.
4 When will I receive my Tickets? What are the Ticket Delivery Options?
  Ans. Tickets are normally issued within 24 hours of your payment taken and will be sent via email or post as per your request
5 What is my Baggage / Hand Baggage / Cabin Baggage Allowance?
  Ans. This will normaly be shown on your e-tickets and will be advised by your travel consultant
6 Can I book a flight for someone else other than me?
  Ans. Third party payments will require a from signed by the holder with a copy of both sides of the card.
7 How early can I book my flight?
  Ans. A Sensible period would be 9 months in advance